Q: Can I purchase tickets in person at the Altamont Theatre Box Office?
A: Yes!

Q: When is your Box Office open?
A: Our Box Office is open from 6pm to 8pm on show days.

Q: What is your Box Office Number?
A: 828-348-5327

Q: Can I order tickets over the phone?
A: You absolutely can! Just call the Box office at 828-348-5327. Phone sales are available Monday through Friday 9am to 8pm, Saturday 10am to 8pm and Sunday 12pm to 8pm. Please be aware that if you call outside of regular Box Office hours (6pm -8pm on show days) there will be a convenience fee.

Q: Can I purchase tickets online?
A: You bet you can! Simply visit www.thealtamont.com or visit our ticket page directly.

Q: Are there fees when I purchase my tickets?
A: That depends on how you purchase your tickets

  • If you purchase your tickets in person at The Altamont Theatre Box Office we’ll never charge you a fee.
  • If you purchase online through our ticketing system, Etix will charge a convenience fee (varies by ticket face value.)
  • If you purchase via phone outside of our regular box office hours the Etix call center will charge a small fee.

Q: Hey! Why do you charge fees for tickets?
A: Technically we don’t. We strive to bring top quality entertaining performers to you without charging exorbitant ticket prices. To offer you more convenient ways to purchase tickets (online & phone) we have partnered with Etix, who charges a very reasonable per-transaction fee. This helps us keep the ticket prices low.

Q: Is there assigned seating?
A: No. Tickets to an Altamont Theatre show are all General Admission. We seat up to 140 capacity. It is an intimate “Listening Room” and there are no are no bad seats.

Q: What is the seating like? Is it traditional theatre seating?
A: The seating in the Listening Room is a cabaret style seating with small cocktail tables at arms length in most of the room. There is general rowed seating on platforms in the back portion of the room.

Q: Is there reserved seating or preferred seating for any of your shows?
A: The Altamont Theatre has many fans and we like to show our appreciation to them. The Green Room Bistro & Bar, located a few doors up from the theatre, is now open. Bring your purchased tickets to the Green Room the day of the show and receive 15% off of your dinner before the show. We will be happy to reserve you seats at The Altamont while you are enjoying your dinner. This offer does NOT include any Free admission show (ex: Original Music Series) or non ticketed shows or events.

Q: Do I need to get dinner at the Green Room by a certain time in order to have my seats reserved?
A: Yes. You will need to have ordered your dinner at the Green Room by 7:00pm in order to have seats reserved to a show. The cut off time is 7:00pm.

Q: What time do the doors to the theatre open so I can get a good seat?
A: The actual theatre doors to the Listening Room open as quickly as possible, usually 7:15pm. Sometimes though rarely, there is a delay. For example, if the musicians are doing a live recording of their performance or if there are multiple acts in one evening then sound check can run later. The Altamont does everything we can to keep shows on time and to give our patrons plenty of time to get comfortable before the show.

Q: Speaking of getting comfortable, is there a bar where I can purchase alcohol?
A: Absolutely. The Altamont Theatre Lobby opens at 7pm. It is located downstairs in the lower lobby. There are plenty of wines to choose by the glass or bottle as well as Asheville’s favorite local brews on tap. Lights snacks are served. We also serve off the Green Room Bistro & Bar menu during shows.

Q: So, the bar is NOT in the actual Listening Room itself?
A: That’s right! This is what sets The Altamont Theatre apart from every other music venue in Asheville. We are a true Listening Room and prefer that we fill your ears with great music instead of shakers and loud conversation. Any conversation that happens in the Room is between the artist and the audience. It’s what make our shows special and unique.

Q: My friend is in a wheelchair. Are you accessible?
A: Yes! Our main entry door is on the same main floor level as the theatre. Our seating is flexible and we can make room easily for anyone who needs it. We also have an elevator to move easily front the main floor where the theatre is to the lower level lobby for concessions and bathrooms (It’s been said we have the prettiest bathrooms in town!).

Q: What about parking? Do you have your own lot?
A: Unfortunately, we do not have our own lot. Parking is your typical downtown parking and you need to look for what is the most comfortable and safe location for you. Here is a list of options near by:
1) Street parking is free after 6pm and on Sundays.
2) Asheville Savings lot, corner of Patton and Church street.
3) Aloft Hotel Public parking, located one block down Church Street, turn left, it’s on the second block on your right.
4) Honor Box parking in large gravel lot on Lexington Avenue (which runs parallel to Church Street).

Q: Where are the bathrooms located?
A: The bathrooms are located in our lower lobby which can be accessed by the main stairs or elevator. It’s been said we have the prettiest bathrooms in town!

Q: What happens if I forget my tickets or lose them?
A: If you have purchased your tickets with a credit card through our ticketing system then we have a record of your purchase with your name on it in our system and can print out a ticket for you when you get the Altamont Theatre Box Office in person the day of the show.

Q: I am traveling and do not have access to a printer. What should I do?
A: Again, if you have purchased your tickets with a credit card through our ticketing system then we can print your tickets for you at The Altamont Theatre Box Office. IF you need to them for dinner at the Green Room. Stop by the Altamont Box Office as soon as it opens at 6pm on show day and then walk next door to the Green Room for dinner.

Q: I bought tickets to a show but I can’t go now. Can I get my tickets refunded?
A: The Altamont Theatre has a NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE POLICY. Please respect this policy.

Q: My favorite artist is playing and I would love to photograph them during the show. Is this ok?
A: Cameras are aloud in the theatre. We ask that there be no flash photography as it distracts the artist. There are also many photo opportunities with the artist after the show is over in the lobby. An announcement will be made before the show otherwise.